Larry’s New & Used Tires is here for all your tire/flat repair needs. In addition to tire repair, we offer many different auto repair services. Our qualified professionals will inspect and repair your tires. If you have flat or damaged tires, please visit either our Jonesboro or Riverdale locations.

An improperly repaired tire may fail when driven at high speed causing loss of vehicle control. We take pride in keeping our clients safe, by offering top notch tire repair services. We want our clients to feel comfortable on the road again after we handle all their auto repair needs.

Flat Repair & Tire Repair

Flat or damaged tires need to be repaired by qualified personnel. Call or Email us, and our highly skilled professionals will repair your damaged or flat tires.
Almost any sharp object on the road can cause a flat tire. We will do flat repair for tire tread punctures up to 1/4″ in diameter. We do NOT recommend repairing larger punctures or punctures to the tire’s shoulder and sidewall.

You must inspect the inside of the tire for hidden damage or risk weakening the tire. Punctures in the tread area may damage a greater area of the tire like the inner sidewall. Without removing the tire, it’s hard to see all the damage.

Proper tire repair is critical and any puncture or injury to a tire will affect its performance. If you have any questions regarding your tire’s condition, we’ll be glad to inspect them for you.

Call or email us to repair or replace your damaged, punctured or leaky tires.